News · June 13, 2020
Are you a criminal reader?

Historical Word Quest · May 17, 2020
Froideur (adj): coolness or extreme reserve in manner.

Historical Word Quest · May 11, 2020
Haute (adj.): fashionable, high-class.

Historical Word Quest · May 02, 2020
Hinderlings (n): buttocks.

Historical Word Quest · July 27, 2019
Avuncular (adj.): suggestive of an uncle.

Historical Word Quest · April 15, 2019
Big bugs (n): bigwigs; important people.

History and pirates · September 13, 2018
PART ONE -- a fictional report Debunking misconceptions of pirates

News · September 08, 2018
Book one and two in The Sorceress' Child series only $1.98

All things magic · September 06, 2018
I always loved books and movies about magic. Yet none of them ever explained how it actually works. It just seems to happen, and differently in every story. But I want to understand how it works, and what it is.