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A historical fiction and magial realism series set in the early nineteenth century that features an array of intercultural and compelling characters—from the surgeon protagonist to women pirates and Hawaiian magicians—that meet in a sizzling, historical context. If you like exotic locales, cringe-worthy explorations of early 19th century medicine, and engaging urban fantasy, then you’ll love this page-turning series.


A French surgeon arrives on the shores of Hawaii in 1827. While figuring out how to navigate a culture strange to him, he must also convince the queen not to force him and the French Catholics he arrived with off the island.


A boy witnesses a heart-wrenching spectacle in 1821.

Its images follow him into manhood as he must face his trauma by doing the one thing he swore he'd never do.


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A young French surgeon decides to follow the natives that captured his missionary friend into the depths of the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. He becomes witness to an ancient ritual that may cost him his friend's life—or worse.




A young Frenchman is forced to marry an elder woman. When he finally comes to care for her, he finds notes signed with a black lily—proof his wife is actively involved in the French Revolution. He flees, but the lily—and its fate—follows him.


One Virtue and a Thousand Crimes

This historical fiction novella series features the compelling Jean Laffite à la James bond, the fierce woman pirate Jebel Medusa and local antagonists that meet in the sizzling historical context of the Golden Age of Piracy. If you like a pirate merger of Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood, then you’ll love Mira Kanehl’s page-turning new series.

 Jean Laffite and Cosma Wolfe tackle Inspector Gilbert’s attempts to ruin Jean’s smuggling business.

 The events that lead Cosma Wolfe (Jezebel Medusa) to meet Delmar Lécuyer.

Full chronology


 The Gentleman Pirate

 One Virtue and a Thousand Crimes 1

 Jean Laffite meets Cosma Wolfe. Together, they tackle Inspector Gilbert’s attempts to ruin Jean’s smuggling business.



 One Virtue and a Thousand Crimes 2—15

 Series in the making: the adventures of Jean Laffite and Jezebel Medusa.



 Jezebel Medusa

 Both series

 The events that lead Cosma Wolfe, the stunning adventuress, to become the feared Jezebel Medusa.




 Her Majesty’s Quill

 Naupaka 1

 Delmar arrives at Honolulu and steps right into trouble.



 String of Treason

 Naupaka 2

 Delmar decides to go against the queen’s orders and free his captain friend.



 In the Dancer’s Shade

 Naupaka 3

 Delmar decides to follow the natives that have captured his missionary friend.



 The Black Lily

 Naupaka 4

 Delmar receives strange letters signed with a black lily and must figure out what they mean before the queen does.



 Drums of Fire

 Naupaka 5

 The rumors of Delmar’s healing abilities verge on superstition until locals decide he must prove his magical powers as a kahuna or be charged with the high crime of lying about magic powers.



 Kahuna Rising

 Naupaka 6

 The incident in Drums of Fire causes much distress within the kahuna community, jeopardizing Delmar’s life.



 War of Faiths

 Naupaka 7

 The country is at the brink of civil war as the faiths clash under a strictly protestant rule, and Delmar must face the consequences of his actions.



 Melody of the Mountain

 Naupaka 8

 Delmar and Mayme escape to the mountains, where many like-minded join them.



 The Last Tiki

 Naupaka 9

 Delmar and Mayme must stop the evil sorcerers of the mountains before execute their plans to take control of the monarchy.



 The Void

 Naupaka 10

 We learn of Delmar’s story from a distant descendant and the traces he has left about his whereabouts.



 Time is a Lullaby

 Naupaka 11

 Melodie makes a mind-bending discovery about Delmar.




 Naupaka 12

 The story takes us back to Delmar and Mayme and what happened after they embarked on their mission to find the secret island.



 Breadcrumbs for Memory

 Naupaka 13

 Delmar returns to France and ensures his daughter’s safety.



 The Surgeon’s Quest

 Naupaka 14

 Delmar decides to return to Mayme.



 The Sorceress’ Child

 Naupaka 15

 The true meaning of Hawaii’s magical legend Naupaka is discovered.

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