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Having written the book oneself, it is very difficult reading it from the perspective of a first reading reader. As authors we're just too deep in our own constructs. Having our books read by another set of eyes, or preferably many, is essential to finding the little things we don't see. Paying attention to these details takes a manuscript from good to best-selling.


Every writer and editor has different strengths. The key is to find someone with strengths that cover your weaknesses. That's why I only offer line editing; that's my strength.

Line editing

Line editing focuses on the craft:

- the creative style,

- Clarity,

- Overused words and run-on sentences,

- Redundancies in words and content,

- Tightening paragraphs and dialogue,

- Transitions,

- Pacing,

- And more.


I offer three types of line editing:


Succinct line editing:

For the advanced author who knows his/her editing and is looking for succinct advice.


Standard line editing:

For the established author who would like some advice and explanation.


Royal line editing:

For the budding author who wants a set of tools to improve their writing, with examples and further reading suggestions tailored to their needs.


Service word price
Succinct line editing

 $ 0,01

Standard line editing

$ 0,015

Royal line editing $ 0,018

Please note I do not accept all manuscripts. If you want a non-binding offer, simply fill out the form (you will be asked to send a sample). I look forward to your writing!

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