Editing your own manuscript is like operating yourself. Alone.

It's possible ... it has been done ... but experts advise against it.


reading your own writing from the perspective of a first reading reader is not just difficult, it's impossible. You know too much. A good editor will spot many of the little things the author naturally doesn't notice. And filing on these details takes a manuscript from good to unlimitedly best-selling.


I have many shiny tools. Let me operate.

Line editing

Every writer and editor has different strengths. The key is to find someone with strengths that cover your weaknesses. That's why I only offer line editing; that's my absolute strength.


Line editing focuses on the craft:

- the creative style,

- Clarity,

- Overused words and run-on sentences,

- Redundancies in words and content,

- Tightening paragraphs and dialogue,

- Transitions,

- Pacing,

- And much more.


I offer three types of line editing:


Succinct line editing:

For the advanced author who knows his/her editing and is looking for succinct advice.


Standard line editing:

For the established author who would like some advice and explanation.


Royal line editing:

For the budding author who wants a set of tools to improve their writing, with examples and further reading suggestions tailored to their needs.


Service word price
Succinct line editing

 $ 0,01

Standard line editing

$ 0,015

Royal line editing $ 0,018

Before you send a whole manuscript convince yourself I will do exactly what you want.

fill out this form and I'll send you a sample edit along with a non-binding offer. I look forward to your writing!


If the file won't download or you're having trouble opening it, I'm happy to help!


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