What if you had to risk your life to save a loved one?

September 1827

Delmar, the French surgeon, fears his sweetheart Mayme is taken captive for a ritual and follows the tracks of the Hawaiian indigenous people far into the mountains. Coming to realize the complexity of their tribe, his painful preying turns into a nightmare. The mind-bending experience makes him fear he may lose his sense of reality altogether. But there’s no going back now. Who is to blame, and will he save his girlfriend?


In the Dancer’s Shade is the third book in a historical fiction and magical realism series Naupaka that features an array of intercultural and compelling characters—from the surgeon protagonist to women pirates and Hawaiian magicians—that meet in a sizzling, historical context. If you like exotic locales, cringe-worthy explorations of early 19th-century medicine, and engaging urban fantasy, then you’ll love Mira Kanehl’s page-turning new series.


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