What if you found out your partner was not who you thought?

October 1827

Delmar receives mysterious letters signed with a black lily. The only person connectable with a lily is his former wife in France. But they cannot be from her. As Delmar delves into work to distract himself from the trauma he experienced in the depths of the island, he finds out one of Mayme's secrets, forcing him to realize she is not what he imagined. When he finds out the letters are being intercepted, he realizes the letters, too, are not what they seem. Will he decode them before the interceptor does? And can Delmar’s and Mayme’s relationship endure the truth?


The Black Lily is the fourth book in a historical fiction and magical realism series that features an array of intercultural and compelling characters—from the surgeon protagonist to women pirates and Hawaiian magicians—that meet in a sizzling, historical context. If you like exotic locales, cringe-worthy explorations of early 19th-century medicine, and engaging urban fantasy, then you’ll love Mira Kanehl’s page-turning new series.


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