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Ahoy, matey! If you’ve sat in the crow’s nest on the lookout for an immersive voyage into the high seas of historical fiction, you've landed on the right deck. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure through the captivating world of pirates meticulously crafted by Mirà Kanehl. Welcome to a treasure trove of historical fiction that transcends time and plunges you into the daring world of pirates, and dive into the riveting narratives crafted by Mirà Kanehl, storyteller of pirate historical fiction. Whether you're a seasoned sailor of literary seas or a landlubber seeking a thrilling escape, you've arrived at the ultimate destination for tales of high-seas adventure. Uncover the secrets of the past, as Mirà Kanehl seamlessly blends history, intrigue, and the allure of the open sea in meticulously researched works that transport you to historical times.

Why Choose Mirà Kanehl’s Pirate Historical Fiction?

Authenticity Anchored in History

Immerse yourself in meticulously researched historical settings, where every detail is an anchor to the past. Mirà Kanehl takes pride in crafting narratives that breathe life into the forgotten tales of pirates, ensuring an authentic and immersive reading experience. Sail alongside notorious buccaneers such as Jean Laffite, navigating the treacherous waters near Barataria, close to the coast of New Orleans, with each turn of the page.


Compelling Characters and Plots

The heart of Mirà Kanehl’s work lies in the characters that leap off the page. From charismatic captains to cunning navigators and female pirates, every character is intricately developed to deliver a captivating and memorable journey. The plots are woven with intricate twists, ensuring that each story unfolds with the suspense and excitement befitting the high-stakes world of piracy.


Richly Detailed Settings

Step onto the decks of legendary pirate ships and navigate through bustling port towns. Mirà Kanehl paints vivid landscapes and settings that transport readers back in time, allowing them to taste the salt in the air and feel the roll of the ship beneath their feet.


A Tapestry of Emotions

Experience the highs and lows of pirate life–the thrill of a successful raid, the camaraderie among the crew, and the heartache of love lost at sea. Mirà Kanehl weaves a tapestry of emotions that resonate long after you've closed the book.


Pioneering Pirate Reviews

As a dedicated enthusiast of historical fiction, Mirà Kanehl not only crafts captivating tales, but also delves into the works of fellow authors. Navigate the seas of historical fiction through Mirà Kanehl’s insightful book reviews, providing readers with a compass to navigate the vast ocean of pirate-themed literature. Discover hidden gems and chart your course through the most thrilling narratives of the past.


Explore Mirà Kanehl’s Collection

Naupaka series

A historical fiction and magical realism series that features an array of intercultural and captivating characters—from the surgeon protagonist to women pirates and Hawaiian magicians—that meet in a sizzling, historical context. If you like exotic locales, cringe-worthy explorations of early 19th-century medicine, and engaging, subtle fantasy, then this is exactly what you're looking for.


Naupaka is a Hawaiian flower shaped like a half flower, which is the inspiration for the title of the first book in this series. It’s tied to a legend in which the princess Naupaka falls in love with a commoner and they go to a wise man in the mountains to ask permission to marry. The gods refuse, and the lovers separate, heart broken. Naupaka gives her lover half of a flower she picked, and she keeps the other half. Ever since, the flowers grew shaped like half flowers. Legend says that when the lovers are reunited, the flower will grow whole again.


Peril unfolds in the historical fiction and magical realism novel A Half Flower in which Balzac Voclain, a lost trouble magnet, fights for justice. The story begins in 1821 Lyon, in Balzac’s school years, when he witnesses his uncle-in-law’s head rolling from the guillotine. He’s drawn into the aftershocks of the French Revolution and encounters … well, more trouble.


He flees France under cover with missionaries and disembarks in Hawaii, where he is to set up a place for his best friend and crew (who embarked on another mission). The monarchy, now Protestant, Balzac finds all Frenchmen fled. He endeavors to stay and discovers the old Hawaiian beliefs, filled with magic and legends, are forced to remote areas or replaced by Protestantism. It feels like a déjà vu. Then he meets a stunning Hawaiian woman, who seems to know all about these outlawed magicians. Ignorant of its meaning, Balzac gifts her a naupaka. They join forces with Captain La Plassard to help Balzac and the Catholic missionaries stay.


He sees the other side of the political agenda when he’s chosen for a human sacrifice by the old culture. A mind-bending conversation with a knower of the ritual has him lose his grip on reality. Will he survive the web of trouble that just keeps tightening around his neck, or will his friends, when, and if, they arrive in Hawaii from their own mission, find him dead, alive, or at all?


The story, rich in sensory details, cringe-worthy explorations of nineteenth-century medical practices, engaging conversations and surprising twists, explores what people can be driven to do under dire circumstances, and what belief can do to give meaning to a chaotic world.


One Virtue And A Thousand Crimes series

This historical fiction series features the compelling Jean Laffite, the fierce woman pirate Jebel Medusa (formerly Cosma Wolfe, but sh ... you didn't hear a thing) and local antagonists that meet in New Orleans' early 1800s smaller Golden Age of Piracy. If you like deeply personal adventures with pirates, then you’ll love this page-turning new series.


In the historical fiction short story What Happened In The Marshlands, book no. 0.5 of the series, the webs of fate tie a young woman full of hopes to the slave rebellion in 1810 Louisiana. Will she untangle herself from this web before it's too late? And can she save her daughter Cosma?


In the novelette The Adventuress, book no. 1 of the series, the infamous Jean Laffite roams New Orleans, the Gulf of Mexico, Barataria, the Mississippi and the Lafourche rivers. His business? Smuggling and general piracy. When Inspector Gilbert decides to tackle the smuggling affairs, Jean takes action. But then a woman named Cosma Wolfe interferes with his plans—even gains the favor of his crew. Will she be his downfall?


In The Ocean’s Calling, Cosma Wolfe is an adventuress of the Moulin Rouge on Gallatin Street—at the time, the most dangerous place in the world. Having made a comfortable life for herself despite the horrors of the underground sex market, she wants to get out—to become a pirate, like her deceased father. there is no way around working with the Laffites—who are already established in the piracy and smuggling scene of New Orleans. she has to get their blessing. But can she—a woman—manage what is hard enough for a man? And at what cost?


Navigating the Historical Fiction Seas: Pirate and Historical Fiction Book Reviews

Navigating the Historical Fiction Seas Blog

Dive into the world of historical fiction with Mirà Kanehl’s book review blog, where the seas of literature are charted, and hidden treasures are revealed. The blog not only features in-depth reviews of the lesser known works by historical authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, William Clark Russel, and Edgar Allen Poe, but also explores the vast ocean of pirate historical fiction penned by other modern talented authors like Bernard Cornwell and Diana Gabaldon. From classics to hidden gems, find your next literary voyage with insightful recommendations and critiques right here.


Interactive Reader Community

Join a community of like-minded readers who share a passion for historical fiction about pirates. Engage in lively discussions, share your favorite moments, and connect with Mirà Kanehl and fellow fans. The interactive reader community is a hub for discovering new releases, participating in themed events, and forging friendships with those who share your love for the thrilling tales of the high seas.


Embark on a literary voyage like no other, with Mirà Kanehl’s historical fiction about pirates. As the foremost authority on swashbuckling adventures, Mirà Kanehl invites you to explore the rich tapestry of the past through tales that captivate, educate, and entertain. Whether you seek high-seas escapades, thought-provoking plots, or expertly crafted characters, you'll find it all here. Set sail with Mirà Kanehl and experience historical fiction that transcends time, ensuring that the age of piracy lives on in the hearts and minds of readers. Chart your course through the pages of Mirà Kanehl’s novels and reviews, and discover the unparalleled thrill of historical fiction about pirates.


What Readers Are Saying

"What an engaging author! Her depictions of the characters are spot on. At times, writers can only sympathetically portray characters of their own sex. Not so with Mira Kanehl, she is gifted in the art of exposing her characters personalities so well, that I feel as if I have personally become acquainted with them. These characters were real, and she did her research to portray them as to who they were in real life. To me, the story line was incidental to my enjoyment of the skillful writing. I felt like I was watching a good old B&W 1940s movie. I think she had fun writing it; I know I enjoyed reading it." - PAR on Amazon (The Adventuress)


"It was an interesting, exciting and so very enjoyable book as I found that I couldn't put the book down. I wish all books could be like this book as many are never as enjoyable and great" - Roberta Bade_Powell on Amazon (Her Majesty’s Quill, in The Half Flower)


“A great tale of Jean Lafitte, piracy and some history of the Deep South.” - Amazing Grace on Amazon (The Adventuress)


“Wow, what a story. Well donen” - Scott Groff on Amazon (The Adventuress)


Embark on Your Adventure Today

Are you ready to set sail on a literary adventure like no other? Dive into the captivating world of pirate historical fiction with Mirà Kanehl. Whether you're a seasoned reader of the genre or a newcomer looking for a thrilling introduction, our library has something for everyone.


Don your tricorn hat, unfurl the sails, and join us on a voyage through time and tide. Adventure awaits–are you ready to seize it?

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