Pirates and magic


Most people imagine pirates as reckless thiefs at home in roaring waters. Adventurers and pioneers. There's a lot more in history books, though. For example, did you know the first ever democracy was created on a pirate ship?


Magic, on the other hand, seems to be an enigma still. Conduct a quick search on Google and you have windows popping up with online shops for sage, love potions, spells and insence sticks. Reports on whether such tools or rituals work are diverse, and then there remains the question of coincidence. But knowing the workings behind them and understanding how such rituals came to exist in the first place sheds light on this enigma.


"[Magic as handed down] may be called applied psychology for the most part."

--Max Freedom Long, The Secret Science Behind Miracles


I research both these topics for the magic realism books and pirate stories I write, and present what I consider interesting findings along the way in this blog.


I hope you enjoy it.

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