One Virtue And A Thousand Crimes: The Adventuress

What if you had an inner calling that went against all society expected of you?


The infamous Jean Laffite roams New Orleans, the Gulf of Mexico, Barataria, the Mississipi and the Lafourche rivers. His business? Smuggling and general piracy. When Inspector Gilbert decides to tackle the smuggling affairs, Jean takes action. But then a woman interferes with his plans—even gains the favor of his crew. Will she be his downfall?


The Adventuress is the first in the historical fiction novella series One Virtue and a Thousand Crimes that features the compelling Cosma Wolfe and Jean Laffite. They meet their New Orleans rivals in the sizzling smaller Golden Age of Piracy. A pirate merger of Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood.


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    Flo (Tuesday, 28 November 2023 12:36)

    Good story, when comes the book?

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    Christine (Wednesday, 20 January 2021 06:50)