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Ahoi and welcome to Mirà Kanehl's online bookshop store, your port for literary exploration and a treasure trove of select historical fiction books. As an avid sailor of the old fiction seas, Mirà Kanehl invites you to disembark here and travel through time with her captivating historical fiction books, available at a discount in her bookshop store. This online bookshop store is designed to offer easy navigation for stray booklovers to buy books online. An almanac, if you will. Brush a finger across the soft leather covers of these historical fiction books:


A Half Flower Paperback


A revolutionist French surgeon. Victorian Hawai'i. A question of loyalty.

A Half Flower is the first installment the historical fiction and magical realism series Naupaka. If you enjoy exotic locales, cringe-worthy explorations of Victorian medicine, and subtle humor, then you’ll love Mirà Kanehl’s novel. Will the surgeon prove fidelity in his new home?



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The Adventuress Paperback


A smuggler with contraband in 1813 New Orleans. A pesty inspector. An interfering woman.

Jean Laffite evades authorities in this first installment in the historical fiction pirate series One Virtue and A Thousand Crimes.



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What Happened in The Marshlands: eBook

A revolutionist French surgeon. Victorian Hawai'i. A question of loyalty.

In the first installment of the historical fiction and magical realism series Naupaka Balzac, an angry, revolutionist doctor who has inexplicable visions when people die, is on the verge of execution by guillotine. He flees his fatherland and disembarks in Hawai’i to set up a base for his fellows; but when he realizes he’s an outsider in his new home, too, he must learn to forgive before another revolutionary group of magic-practicing natives who live in the mountains shackle him in their own plight for freedom.

eBook ($4.99):

The Adventuress: eBook

A smuggler with contraband in 1813 New Orleans. A pesty inspector. An interfering woman.

Jean Laffite evades authorities in this first installment in the historical fiction pirate series One Virtue and A Thousand Crimes.

eBook ($1.99):

What Happened in The Marshlands: eBook

A doomed mother. A lost daughter. The 1810 Louisiana slave revolt.

A mother must decide whether she'll save her daughter or herself in this One Virtue and A Thousand crimes short story.

eBook ($0.99):

The allure of historical fiction books

Historical fiction is a literary genre that blends elements of fiction with historical facts and settings. Historical fiction books are characterized by the imaginative creation of stories set in the past, using real historical events, people, and contexts as a backdrop. The genre seeks to entertain and engage readers while also providing a sense of the historical time period being depicted. Several key elements define the historical fiction genre.


Historical fiction is set in a specific historical era, ranging from ancient times to more recent history. The time period is a crucial aspect of the genre, and authors often conduct thorough research to accurately portray the historical setting. It strives for authenticity in portraying the historical context, including the customs, social norms, technology, and cultural elements of the chosen time period.


Historical fiction books often incorporate real historical events into the narrative. These events may serve as a backdrop or directly influence the plot and characters. It often features real historical figures as characters within the story. These figures may play significant roles or interact with fictional characters, adding a layer of authenticity to the narrative. 


Historical fiction books allow readers to travel back in time and experience different eras, cultures, and events. It provides a captivating and immersive way to explore the past, offering a sense of time travel through the pages of a book. By focusing on characters and their personal stories, historical fiction books humanize historical events. It provides a more intimate understanding of how people lived, loved, struggled, and triumphed during different epochs, making history relatable and emotionally resonant.


While grounded in historical facts, the primary focus of historical fiction books is on storytelling. Authors use their creativity to weave fictional characters and plots into the historical setting. Fictional characters are developed with depth and complexity, allowing readers to connect with them emotionally. Their experiences and relationships provide a lens through which historical events are experienced.


A delicate balance is maintained between historical accuracy and creative storytelling. While adhering to known historical facts, authors may take some liberties to enhance the narrative flow and engage readers. Successful historical fiction books require thorough research to ensure that the details of the setting, events, and characters align with the historical period being depicted.


Historical fiction books reflect the cultural and social context of the chosen time period. It explores the attitudes, beliefs, and societal structures that defined that era. The genre often explores timeless themes and issues that resonate with both the historical and contemporary human experience, providing readers with insights into the challenges and triumphs of different times.


In essence, historical fiction books offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, inviting readers to explore the past through the lens of compelling narratives and characters. It is a genre that allows for both a deep appreciation of historical events and the enjoyment of a well-crafted story.


From the Middle Ages to pivotal moments in modern history, Mirà Kanehl's historical fiction books bring the past to life and make history accessible and engaging for adult readers. The meticulously researched settings and compelling characters create an immersive experience that keep readers eagerly turning pages.

What others say about Mirà Kanehl’s historical fiction books

"What an engaging author! Her depictions of the characters are spot on. At times, writers can only sympathetically portray characters of their own sex. Not so with Mirà Kanehl, she is gifted in the art of exposing her characters personalities so well, that I feel as if I have personally become acquainted with them. These characters were real, and she did her research to portray them as to who they were in real life. To me, the story line was incidental to my enjoyment of the skillful writing. I felt like I was watching a good old B&W 1940s movie. I think she had fun writing it; I know I enjoyed reading it."

PAR on Goodreads


"Well written and well paced. Provided an excellent introduction to to the author’s storytelling skill."

Teresa on Goodreads


"DEFINITELY left me wanting more (as did the prequel)."

TaniaRina on Goodreads


"Definitely a quick read, but not in a bad way. It pulls the reader in within the first chapter and you feel like you have to finish it. I wish there was more with this particular series as I would love to further explore the characters and their stories."

PunkAmori on Goodreads


"Well written and Impactful story! I marvel at how so few words could cause me to fear for Ayida, applaud her courage, despise the unexpected violence and wonder with concern about her daughter’s fate. (...)"

Teresa on Goodreads


"Can't even imagine the choices people had to make in those circumstances."

TaniaRina on Goodreads

Why Choose Mirà Kanehl's bookshop store?

Fine selection of historical fiction books

Mirà Kanehl's bookshop store offers select historical fiction books, catering to interests in France, Hawai’i, New Orleans, the Laffite pirates, and historical medicine. As of 2024, all her books take you to the early 1800s where Europeans faught over ownership of the New World and Americans began seeing themselves as separate from their places of origin. Meanwhile, the surviving natives of the mainland and Hawai’i split into those who accepted the Western rule and those who didn’t. It was a time when people still breathed now extinct customs and beliefs, whether Christian or pagan, still bore some magic.


As an author deeply passionate about history and storytelling, Mirà Kanehl brings a unique perspective to her stories. Her dedication to historical accuracy, combined with a humorous and immersive narrative, ensures that readers are not only entertained but also inspired. Mirà Kanehl's personal touch distinguishes her books and makes them a valuable addition to any historical fiction enthusiast's collection. She made this website so you can buy her books online.

Seamless online bookshop store experience

Forget the constraints of physical boundaries and explore Mirà’s bookshop store from the comfort of your home. No more waiting in lines or battling crowded shelves; her online bookshop store is open 24/7, offering you the freedom to browse and buy books online at your own pace.


Navigating Mirà Kanehl's bookshop store is a convenient and enjoyable experience. Our user-friendly website allows you to explore the various series, read synopses, and make buy books online with ease. She understands the importance of convenience in the online book-buying experience, and strives to provide a platform that enhances your journey through the world of historical fiction books.


At the heart of her online bookshop store is a commitment to the joy of reading. She celebrates the art of storytelling, and her digital shelves are stocked with a diverse array of books that cater to your taste and inclination. Whether you're a seasoned bibliophile or a newcomer to the world of books, this online bookshop store welcomes you with open pages and endless possibilities.


Explore, discover, and lose yourself in the enchantment of literature at her online bookshop store. Let the bookshop store be the key that unlocks a world of literary wonders. Join us on this literary journey, and may your reading adventures be as boundless as your imagination.

Benefits of shopping at Mirà Kanehl's bookshop store

Exclusive access to author-signed copies

When you buy books online from Mirà Kanehl's bookshop store, you have the opportunity to receive author-signed copies and special editions. This exclusive touch adds a personal connection between you and Mirà.

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Stay informed about new releases, exclusive promotions, and author events by subscribing to the newsletter. Mirà Kanehl's bookshop store values its readers and regularly rewards them with special offers, discounts, and sneak peeks into upcoming releases.

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An ardent reader herself, Mirà knows about the difficulty of finding good books in the enormous amount of books available today. This is why she writes detailed book reviews with a Golden Book Rating.

Secure and Efficient Online Transactions

Your security is our priority. The online bookshop store prioritizes secure and seamless transactions, allowing you to shop with confidence and peace of mind. When you buy books online via this website, your personal information is safeguarded as you embark on your literary escapades.

You support an author via their bookshop store

Buy books online directly from authors and you support the author because less of their revenue is lost to big companies. In these drastically changing times, it is ever more important for authors to become independent, and the word ‘indie’ is gaining new meaning.


When you buy books online directly from the author’s website, a larger portion of the sale goes directly to the author. Traditional distribution channels, such as bookstores and online retailers, often take a significant percentage of the book's retail price. By buying directly, you ensure that more of your money directly supports the author's work.


Independent and self-published authors often heavily rely on direct sales to sustain their writing careers. When you buy books online directly from these authors, readers contribute to their success, helping them continue producing quality content.


Mirà Kanehl's bookshop store is more than an online bookstore; it's a gateway to historical worlds waiting to be explored. With a commitment to quality, authenticity, and a passion for storytelling, Mirà Kanehl invites you to embark on a literary adventure through the pages of her historical fiction books. Start your journey today and let the magic of historical fiction unfold before your eyes.

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