One Virtue And A Thousand Crimes: The Ocean's Calling

A young woman caught in the claws of the 1813 New Orleans red light district decides she wants more: the ocean.


Cosma Wolfe is an adventuress of the Moulin Rouge on Gallatin Street—at the time, the most dangerous place in the world. Having made a comfortable life for herself despite the horrors of the underground sex market, she wants to get out—to become a pirate, like her deceased father. there is no way around working with the Laffites—who are already established in the piracy and smuggling scene of New Orleans. she has to get their blessing. But can she—a woman—manage what is hard enough for a man? And at what cost?


The Ocean’s Calling is the second book in the historical fiction series One Virtue and a Thousand Crimes that features the compelling Cosma Wolfe and Jean Laffite. They meet their New Orleans rivals in the sizzling smaller Golden Age of Piracy and a deeply personal adventure.


Unlock The Ocean's Calling to read Wolfe’s latest story!

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